Coffee Machine Hacked!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming everyday devices in ways we are just beginning to appreciate. Already, Intel estimates more than 15 billion smart Internet-connected devices are in operation, including TV’s, Sound Systems and much more including coffee machines.

The Mirai botnet architecture is a relatively straightforward design.

Attack process

A Mirai attack starts by scanning a broad range of IP addresses using an advanced scanner. Scanning determines the state of communications ports without establishing full connections. Mirai then launches a brute-force attack on those IoT devices, using a dictionary of common default usernames and passwords to identify poorly secured IoT devices.

Once compromised IoT devices are successfully infected with the Mirai bot, the preceding process is repeated, with each infected IoT device searching for other vulnerable devices. This method of self-replication was so efficient that Mirai allegedly compromised 380,000 devices in a short time.

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