Our Approach

Do you need a Cyber Security Specialist?
Would you say…
► my I.T. has me covered?
► a specialist would be helpful?
► I don’t know?

Fact 1: Most businesses depend on skilled I.T. contractors. Despite this, cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate!

Fact 2: The cost of cybercrime to businesses in Australia is rising exponentially, costing Australians an estimated $1 billion each year. (Source: NSW/SA Small Business Commissioner)

Focusing on Prevention
Australian governments recognise that it is better, and relatively low-cost, to prevent cybercrime from happening than to respond to it after it has occurred. (Source: Attorney-General’s Department  – National Plan to Combat Cybercrime)

Our Role: As specialists our role is to work closely, as a team, with your existing I.T. staff to identify gaps in your security.

Our Service: Includes a checklist of over 2,000 known vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploit.


In a continuously evolving cyber world, Digital Force One combines many forces to create a comprehensive and robust solution to cyber security, as recommended by government and industry experts.


Specialising in Small/Medium Businesses

Making sure your computers and your entire life doesn't get hacked!