Client Testimonials

Tony Skinner from SWM Finance Matters – “…we wanted to make sure we ticked all the boxes…”

Matt Dornbusch from Urbantech Finance – “…we’ve got a really good I.T. guy…but I wanted to get another set of eyes over our computers…some specialist advice…”

Loretta Polson
Principal Lawyer - Polson Legal
We have always had good backups and a good I.T. contractor. I didn't realise a minor overlooked misconfiguration could make my business an easy target for cybercriminals. An independent evaluation from Digital Force One, cyber security specialists, turned out to be a wise decision. Their comprehensive report was written in non-technical terms and easily understood yet contained the technical details needed in the appendix to accelerate the remediation efforts and therefore reduce costs to my business.
Cathryn Kerry
Clinic Director and Patient Coordinator - Medical Cosmetic Centre
Digital Force One helped us understand the complex and dangerous digital world. With a clearer picture, we felt in control and understood what was needed in order be secure. It was clear from the initial meeting that the team had the skills and experience needed to evaluate and ultimately make recommendations to improve our operations. They valued establishing a long term relationship with us and our existing I.T. team. We feel far more secure with DF1 as our trusted partner.
Anne Headland
Year 5 Teacher - Magill Primary School
Carlo’s talk to our Year 5 class about cyber safety was delivered with clarity and enthusiasm. He had the children’s attention right from the outset and used humour, clips, quizzes and prizes to keep all students attentive and engaged throughout the entire 1 ½ hour session. He was able to explain some quite complex issues simply so that all students received a clear message about their personal responsibilities when online.

Carlo’s passion about online safety for all came through clearly and his message for all was well received by the students. Each area of Carlo’s talk triggered many questions and much discussion, which continued after the session had concluded. Cyber safety is definitely an area children need constant reminders about and Carlo’s strong message was well received.


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