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Over 10 years ago antivirus and firewall may have sufficiently protected your business. Now, however, nearly 1 million viruses and malware variants are released every day! To avoid the increasing costs of being a victim, a more sophisticated approach to cyber security is required that only specialists can provide. The WannaCry virus that, within one day, infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries demonstrates we live in a new era. All businesses serviced by Digital Force One were protected from the WannaCry virus.

What We Provide

How We Provide It

In the continuously evolving cyber world Digital Force One combines many forces to create a comprehensive and robust solution to cyber security, as recommended by government and industry experts


What Should I Do?

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More Information

Cyber Security Made Easy
Difficult technical concepts and cyber jargon are explained using easy to understand terms

Non Intrusive
Understanding you have a business to run, a practical approach is taken

A Business Issue
Cyber security is a business issue, not just an I.T. risk. A business issue requires a business solution

Digital Force One’s cyber specialists cover a broad range of concerns, not just cyber crime. Fire, theft as well as costly cyber issues caused by staff intentionally or unintentionally are covered.

Are you Safe?

Small/medium businesses are vital to the success of the economy but are also a prime target for cyber criminals. Cyber threats and intrusions are becoming more sophisticated and complex. Are you safe from ransomware and many other common threats? Are you relying on antivirus and firewalls?

Please visit our Solutions page for more information on our Cyber-Security-as-a-Service (CSaaS) that we highly recommend for your business!

Prime Minister’s Foreword

“Both Government and the private sector have vital roles to play. While governments can take the lead in facilitating innovation and providing security, businesses need to ensure their cyber security practices are robust and up to date.” Prime Minister’s foreword, Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy 2016




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